Silver Street Ceilidh Band is an eclectic group of some of the finest (and friendliest) musicians on the scene. They have a rich, melody-driven vibe, bursting with energy and complemented by playful piano grooves. Although a London ceilidh band, their music has roots in the traditional music of Scotland and North East England. They also play tunes from elsewhere in England, Ireland and even further afield. They boast decades of experience of playing for dancing between them (despite their youthful looks…), and know how to ensure you – and your guests – have a fabulous time!

“Thanks so much for playing for us. You were a real hit and it was wonderful to get so many people dancing! Thanks in particular for keeping the set going at such a good pace – I felt we had a really good dance!” – Fleur, wedding, May 2016


The band is made up of dual fiddles, melodeon and piano. They carefully explain the dances to ensure everyone has as much fun as possible – irrespective of experience. Take a look at their pics, videos and have a listen to their sound clips.

Silver Street Ceilidh Band is a fixed-lineup London ceilidh band, so only normally performs when every band member is able to make the date. They don’t offer a smaller lineup option or ‘dep’ out band members unless specifically agreed with the client. That means if you book Silver Street Ceilidh Band you’ll get Martin calling the dances and on fiddle, Beth on lead fiddle, Joe on button accordion and Will on keys! More about us…

NOTE: Many ceilidh bands, particularly London ceilidh bands, operate from a ‘pool’ of musicians. These are often very good (we all individually also perform with other such groups)… You just don’t know for definite who you’ll get, and in any case an ad-hoc lineup is unlikely to be as slick and tight.